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    Sustainable Seafood Sales, LLC is a sales and marketing firm in Portland, Maine.  We represent wild caught and farmed seafood from responsibly harvested sources in New England, Atlantic Canada and around the world.  We are also direct importers of fresh and frozen-at-sea cod, haddock and sole from Canada, Iceland and Norway.


    Our focus is on supporting fisheries and aquaculture operations that are either sustainable or taking positive and verifiable steps toward becoming sustainable.  These include Fishery Improvement Projects, fisheries in MSC assessment, and fisheries that are considered by experts as healthy, well regulated and in no danger of being overfished. Sustainability and Fishery Improvement Project are determined using the published definitions of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), and Sea Web. 


    Most of the products we represent are 100% traceable to the catch vessel or the farm, and all come from a producer who is proven to be environmentally and socially responsible, and willing and able to produce the highest quality product.


400 Commercial Street, Suite 401

Portland, ME  04101


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Cod fillet - 12/16oz, 16/32oz

Cod loin - 12/24oz

Haddock fillet - 12/24oz 



Frozen at sea Cod fillet

16/32oz (Iceland) Boston due

Frozen at sea Haddock fillet

12/16oz (Iceland) in stock Portland

Frozen at sea Pollock fillet

8/16oz (Iceland) in stock Stoughton

IQF Arctic char fillet 8/16oz, 16/24oz (Iceland) in stock New Bedford, Boston


Northern shrimp, wild caught, raw PUD, (Canada) call

Argentine shrimp, wild caught, raw P&D

Farmed kelp, block (USA) in stock Boston, Portland


"Cool Blue" brand tuna

Yellowfin tuna steaks, handline-caught, IVP (Vietnam) in stock Boston,NJ

Yellowfin tuna TruCenter loins, handline-caught, IVP (Vietnam) in stock Boston,NJ

Yellowfin tuna saku block, handline-caught, IVP (Vietnam) in stock Boston,NJ


"DeliSEAous" Ecuador shrimp

Headless shell-on wild caught

Headless shell-on farmed

Head-on shell-on wild caught

Peeled tail-on wild caught, farmed



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